Wednesday, June 01, 2011

The Spelling Buzz

The thrill of victory! The agony of defeat! The pressure is on while countless pairs of eyes watch. Surprisingly, this is not another basketball blog from me. This is the Scripps National Spelling Bee which starts in (from this moment) 1 day and 5 hours.

Chances are you had the opportunity (or misfortune) to compete in a spelling bee at some point in your life. You may or may not want to relive those potentially painful memories. For me, I just could not get the “i before e” rule down when I was asked to spell ‘field.’ Luckily, my spelling has improved slightly since second grade.

As NPR's Morning Edition pointed out this morning, English, coming as it does from so many different language sources, keeps you guessing when it comes to spelling. The good news is that the library is here to help!

Tools to help improve your spelling

Interesting reads on the spelling challenges presented by the English language.

Or, sit back and let other people do the spelling for you in these movies.

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