Monday, June 13, 2011

A book trailer???

It’s amazing, isn’t it?? We now have not only movie trailers but also book trailers as well.    Since I buy books in other languages for the Library, I’ve noticed that book trailers are more popular in European countries than in America.  Amazon France and Amazon Germany (especially) has had them for a quite a while.  There are trailers for almost every book they sell, and that’s how I got hooked on book trailers. 

The first one I remember enjoying was for Leopard by Jo Nesbø .   The composition, the colors, the simple way the author delivers the message and yet, the promise of a complex thriller made me really want to read this book. I had to wait though because it was not released in English until early this year but if you read German we have a copy available.  My second favorite trailer was for Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters. I am not a big fan of Jane Austen (sorry!) and I had no intention to read any of the Quirk Books with similar plots, but after seeing this trailer, gosh!! I really want to read this book now!  

I was curious to see if others were into book trailers like me and started asking around.   A friend of mine said:  Nope, I don’t want to see a book trailer because I want to create my own image of the characters, environment and so on. I don’t what anyone doing that for me.  Another friend said that he doesn’t fall under the spell of book trailers,  they don’t make him want to read a book. It seems that whether we like them or not, book trailers are here to stay!

If you want to learn a bit more about this “new” trend, you can read or listen to the  NPR story “Honoring and Poking fun at Book Trailers.

If you want to know what happened at the Mobie Awards 2011, (yes, there are awards for the best and worst book trailers!), view the list of winners here.  

Have fun!

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