Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Home Retreat

My workmate recently wrote about it being hot out and retreating to a different place written about in a book. I couldn't agree more, but I despise closing that book and returning to the heat of my current surroundings. So, what my family does in this absolutely despicable heat is a little indoor home renovation. Last year we remodeled our bathroom, adding a much needed bathtub to our shower-only house. This year, we're adding a closet underneath our staircase to free up space in the coat closet and bedroom closet.

I checked out some books from the library before we tore anything up just to get some ideas of what we wanted everything to look like. Sometimes that's just the impetus to get you going...just look at pictures, make note of things you like and, more importantly, things you don't like. The library has a lot of books and magazines for you to look at; maybe by the end of the summer you'll have a fabulous retreat to enjoy all year long.

Here are a couple of new books:

Look around on the shelves in this call number area for more and while you're at it, check out some magazines too:

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