Monday, May 30, 2011

Jaco Pastorius

A good friend of mine sent me some music by Jaco Pastorius a while back. I hadn't thought about him in quite some time. I immediately flashed-back to reading his 1987 obituary in Rolling Stone magazine. His is a familiar tale of great musical genius shadowed by mental illness and substance abuse. Mine is a tale of being too young and ignorant to appreciate his music. It was only after his death did I learn of his South Florida roots. He was living in a downtown Hollywood, FL apartment while I was maybe 10 miles away at Pasadena Lakes Elementary School. We frequented the same landmark Ft. Lauderdale, FL music store; Peaches Music and Video. Perhaps we passed eachother making our way in and out of the store...

Solo Work:
Word of Mouth
Pastorius Live in New York City
The Essential Jaco Pastorius

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