Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Creature of Habit

The world pigeonholed creatures of habit with a negative connotation. Creatures of habit do not experience the full spectrum of life. Creatures of habit sit alone with the familiar, the mundane. Creatures of habit don't explore. Not true.

I am a creature of habit. I discovered Oxford University Press' wonderful series Very Short Introductions and will be reading many of them. I'd like to read that stack.

The Austin Public Library owns over a hundred of these little jewels. Each one focuses on a particular topic and includes a brief yet incredibly rich introduction.

Case in point: With a nascent interest in Kierkegaard I wanted to know more about him and his theories, but had only limited interest in his oeuvre. So, I read Kierkegaard: a Very Short Introduction. I did the same with The Quakers: a Very Short Introduction. These little books provide a wonderful overview of a topic and often whet an appetite. Bolstered with a finer understanding, Kierkegaard's oeuvre looks less daunting.

The brilliance of these little gems resides in the time commitment. The following titles are all available in the series and are all topics that interest me but that I probably would not tackle if not for the availability in this series.

I look forward to reading the following:

Philosophy of Law
Medical Ethics
The Celts
The Russian Revolution
Continental Philisophy
The French Revolution
The European Union

We are all creatures of habit. Happy reading!

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Kathryn said...

Thanks for the tip about this series! And starting a new habit is sometimes an opportunity to drop an old habit.