Monday, September 08, 2008

“You will walk into a room and tap your phone on the wall…and the room will know who you are.”

I have been looking into the future of reference services lately. I came across an article that mentioned providing instant messaging as yet another tool available to librarians in trying to meet the informational needs of our clientele. As soon as I read this passage I very quickly realized that the provision of services through cell phones would become increasingly ubiquitous as time passes. In fact, the idea of networked computers integrating themselves seamlessly into our daily lives is exactly what Takeshi Natsuno of Japan’s NTT DoCoMo envisions. As part of the promised Third Wave, Takeshi Natsuno and the company he works for, is trying very hard to develop an all-in-one phone that would take the place of cash, keys, credit cards, business cards, and personal identification just to name a few. Imagine a time when you will be able to simply tap your phone against a pad and pay for groceries or movie tickets or program your DVR and air conditioner so that once you arrive home from work, your living space will be at a comfortable temperature with your favorite T.V. shows or movies ready to go.

The Austin Public Library has several resources available to help you uncover yet more technological possibilities slated to become reality regarding cell phones in the not too distant future. I’ve included a brief list of articles I found using the Science and Technology Collection below.


A Remote Control for Your Life

Mobile Communication and the Transformation of Daily Life: The Next Phase of Research on Mobiles

The Cell Phone, Now That's Entertainment

People, Mobiles and Society: Concluding Insights from an International Expert Survey

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