Friday, September 05, 2008

Legal Music Downloads

Downloading free music legally has been called a "swirling cesspool" because there are many murky areas that have not yet been decided by court rulings. The Recording Industry of America and the record companies seem to go after people who download hundreds of copyrighted songs. But you can get free music without being sued. Sources for free, legal downloads are listed below:

Apple's iTunes Free Single of the Week (under iTunes store)
Amazon's MP3 page
Rolling Stone's Rock & Roll page
Artist - 200 free downloads
KUT's Texas Music Matters Song of the Day

A new free music website is more like an internet jukebox. streams the audio of millions of songs found on Youtube. Next month the site will include the video.

Many public libraries are offering music download services to their customers. We hope that sometime in the near future Austin Public Library's budget will allow us to offer that service too.

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