Thursday, September 25, 2008

Reading Music

It's that time again. Thousands descend upon Zilker Park to hear the tunes, fight for shade, and purchase that all-important t-shirt. I just barely survived the ACL Fest of 2005 with the 108° heat and dust aplenty, so I've been a little leery about going back. Missing Gogol Bordello is my punishment for being a wimp though; check out those gypsy punks if you have a chance!

Once the party's over, amble over to your local library to pick up a recent "musical" novel:

In Hoboken: A Novel by Christian Bauman - Amidst tenements and dive bars and all-night diners, Thatcher and his friends struggle to make meaningful music in a culture turning away from it.

Bass cathedral by Nathaniel Mackey – Mackey, winner of the 2006 National Book Award, presents his fourth volume in his ongoing great American jazz novel with no beginning or end.

Slumberland: A Novel by Paul Beatty - The breakout novel from a literary virtuoso about a disaffected Los Angeles DJ who travels to post-Wall Berlin in search of his transatlantic doppelganger.

Dmitri Esterhaats: A Novel by Russell Hardin - This enlightening story of musical passion documents the coming-of-age of pianist Dmitri Esterhaats as he develops from precocious adolescent to professional virtuoso.

Vivaldi's Virgins: A Novel by Barbara Quick - A fascinating glimpse inside the source of Vivaldi's musical legacy, interwoven with the gripping story of a remarkable young woman's coming-of-age in a deliciously evocative time and place.

Black Will Shoot: A Novel by Jesse John Washington - A fearless page-turner set amid the glories and evils of the rap world.

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Barbara Quick said...

Many thanks for including VIVALDI'S VIRGINS in this list of musical novels. Readers can see (and hear!) a book trailer for the novel--and read lots of background information about 18th century Venice and Vivaldi's world--by visiting my web site:
Click on "Music of Vivaldi's Virgins" to download a free podcast of music from the novel.

Book groups of Austin: I'll come visit if enough of you get together with an invite!

Warmest wishes,