Monday, December 12, 2011

Opposed to movie remakes!

I love foreign films. To me it's wonderful to watch movies in their original language, and I don’t mind subtitles. Over the years, I’ve seen how there are so many new versions of foreign movies that were excellent but somebody thought that we needed to remake them. Ughhh! The only good reason for a remake I see is that you won’t have to deal with subtitles, which are a downer for some, but other than that I still wonder why they need to spend money on something already well done.

When writing this blog I forgot that there were also remakes of movies that are amazing classics in English. Same feeling here: don’t touch those classics!! Are directors wondering: how can I make an awesome movie better? Have you ever seen a remake that is better than the original? I will be waiting for the remake of “Lord of the Rings.” I know this is going to happen!

Something I learned about myself when writing this blog: I refused to watch remakes of foreign films (because of that I’ve been called a movieist!). But, I am a bit more relaxed when it comes to watching remakes of American films. How about you?
Want some ideas of original titles and remakes? Here you go:

Remakes of foreign films:
· The cabinet of Dr. Caligari (Original silent film released in 1920)
· The cabinet of Dr. Caligari (remake released in 2005)

· Infernal Affairs (original in Chinese)
· The Departed (by Martin Scorsese )

· Let the right one in (original film in Swedish)
· Let me in (remake by Cloë Moretz)

· Dîner de Cons (original film in French)
· Dinner for schmucks (remake by Jay Roach)

· Three men and a cradle (original in French)
· 3 men and a baby (Coming soon to APL)

· Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (original in Swedish)
· Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (remake on the movie theatre soon)

Remakes of movies originally in English:
· Straw Dogs (original movie from 1971)
· Straw Dogs (remake coming soon to APL)

· The women: it’s all about men! (Original film from 1939)
· The women (Remake directed by Diane English coming soon)

· The Rear Window (original movie from 1954)
· Disturbia (remake directed by Joe Medjuck)

· Nightmare on Elm Street (original movie from 1984)
· Nightmare on Elm Street (remake by Samuel Bayer)

· Last man on earth (original movie from 1959)
· Omega Man (Remake by Boris Sagal)
· I am Legend (Remake by Francis Lawrence)

· Clash of the Titans (original movie from 1981)
· Clash of the Titans (remake by Louis Leterrier)


paul said...

LOTR has already been remade.

Aleph said...

WHAT!!! WHEN!! WHERE! Gosh !

Anonymous said...

Technically you can't say that David Fincher remade 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' since the Swedish films hadn't been out that long. It's just an American version.

In other words, a different artists take on the subject matter. It's never the same, but I get why remaking a film 20 or more years later is a let down.


Anonymous said...

I loved, loved, loved I am Legend. Although, I have not seen Last Man on Earth or Omega Man. Maybe I should take a peek at them. Thanks for the list.

Aleph said...

Hi Jane!

Humm... I understand your point of view but I don't agree completely. If we knew that David Fincher was already working in the film when the Swedish one came out I will say that it just another adaptation of the book, but I don't think that's how it happened. I guess the only way to know is by asking him directly :)

Aleph said...

Hello Anonymous!
I've watched Omega Man and it is interesting. I haven't seen the Last Man on Earth but I have it on hold. I also enjoyed I am Legend. Thanks for reading!