Friday, December 09, 2011

Driving through the fog...

When I drove into work this morning I could not help but think of the movie The Mist.  Have you seen it?  It's about a thick fog that rolls into town and a bloodbath ensues.  It's about 10:30 and I can still see the fog outside.  I usually can see the river from our building, but not right now.  This is creepy.

And of course, all this creepiness is making me think of creepy movies and books.  You know the kind.  Not the ones with zombies and Frankensteins, but the ones with a silent monster...your imagination. 

A sampling of some creepiness:
Alfred Hitchcock - television series
Amityville Horror - book & movie
Misery - book & movie
Paranormal Activity - 1 & 2
The Shining - book & movie

Take a load off this weekend and relax with an intellectually stimulating thriller.  Then get back to decorating the tree with the kids.  Oooh, or perhaps do both at the same time...start a new holiday tradition.

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