Friday, September 04, 2009

Labor Day Blues

The Library will be closed Saturday, Sunday, and Monday for Labor Day. Also this weekend, Mike Judge’s new film, Extract, opens. Judge returns to the workplace in Extract to once again comment on the stupidity of people. Office Space, the very funny 1999 cult movie directed by Judge, was about the stupidity of bosses, and Extract is from the perspective of the boss, who must deal with his lazy employees. Of course, these days, we who have jobs are just happy to be working, no matter what the environment is. If you are looking for a job, please use the Library’s Job Searching Research Guide where you will find both the traditional and newer ways to land a job.

If you would like to read good fiction about the workplace, try one of the novels below.

Because She Can. 2007.
Very funny novel about the NY publishing scene.
Company. 2006.
Satire of corporate America.
Company Man. 2005.
Corporate intrigue.
Exception 2006.
Spins office intrigue into a deeper examination of evil
The Finder 2008.
Edgy thriller about billionaire investors.
Intuition 2006.
Competition in cancer research
JPod. 2006.
Techongeeks working in an amoral video design company.
Kings of Infinite Space. 2004.
Temp worker slaves away at the Texas Department of General Services where incompetence is rewarded and talent ignored.
Little Pink Slips. 2007.
Delightful insider's view of the elite in magazine publishing.
Mergers and Acquisitions. 2007.
The world of finance.
Personal Days 2008
Comic and creepy satire about a downsized staff.
Then We Came to the End. 2007.
Ad agency employees are all recognizable office personalities.
Transmission. 2004.
High-tech thriller with insights into immigration and globalization.
Who Moved My BlackBerry? 2006.
Light-hearted dig at the corporate world.

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Carlos said...

Great post. A bunch of new books to add to my reading list.