Monday, September 21, 2009

Juanes in Cuba

Hundreds of thousands, possibly as many as over one million Cubans attended a concert in support of peace in Havana’s historic Plaza de la Revolución this past Saturday. The event was organized by the Colombian Pop star Juanes and featured 14 other artists representing six different countries. Juanes is quoted as having said, "This concert is one little grain of sand more in the process of improving relations through art." This follows the current administration’s decision to allow family members currently living in the United States to return to the island to visit relatives, some of whom they haven’t seen since 1959, and to send remittances to help support them financially.

The Austin Public Library has several recordings by some of the artists that participated in this historic event in support of bringing people together through music.

Fijate bien [sound recording]
Un día normal [sound recording]
Mi sangre [sound recording]
La vida-- es un ratico [sound recording]

Olga Tañon:
Nuevos senderos [sound recording]
Llévame contigo [sound recording]
Te acordarás de mí [sound recording]
Una nueva mujer [sound recording]
Yo por ti [sound recording]
Sobrevivir [sound recording]
A puro fuego [sound recording]

Miguel Bose:
Salamandra [sound recording]
Los chicos no lloran [sound recording]
Bajo el signo de Caín [sound recording]
11 maneras de ponerse un sombero [sound recording]
Lo mejor de Bosé [sound recording]
Por vos muero [sound recording]
Papito Bosé [sound recording]

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