Friday, September 25, 2009

Green Day's American Idiot

The Berkeley Repertory Theater recently premiered American Idiot, a rock opera drawn from Green Day's album of the same name and featuring 21 songs from the band's canon.

Back in 2004, American Idiot reintroduced the concept album back into music. The album sold 12 million copies and has been compared to The Who’s Tommy, which become a Broadway hit in 1993, and critics are saying that's where the rock opera American Idiot is headed.

One reviewer said that the poetic twists and angry puns of the band's words come through with greater clarity in the musical than on the album, even with all the thrashing choreography, flying bodies. and pulsating video.

American Idiot, the musical, is being directed by the same team who won a Tony in 2004 for Spring Awakening, another musical about reckless youth.

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