Friday, September 18, 2009

The Guiding Light has been Turned Off

A lot of you may not even watch TV during the day, but did you know that the final episode of Guiding Light was aired today? The soap opera had a 72 year run, first on the radio and then television. That is a long running story. I, myself, am not familiar with the storylines of Guiding Light, as my Mom and Grandma watched Days of Our Lives, Bold and the Beautiful and Young and the Restless and I watched with them occasionally. However, I do find it simply amazing that a television show can have that long of a run.

A few Guiding Light facts:
  • longest-running soap opera in production and the longest running drama in television and radio history by the Guinness Book of World Records
  • started on radio in 1937, moved to television in 1952
  • won 69 daytime Emmy Awards
  • the main characters were from the Spaulding and Bauer families
  • over 15,700 episodes were aired
The Austin Public Library has a few of those early episodes on vinyl record. Check it out!

Browse through the TV y novelas U.S.A. periodical in Spanish.

And if you're interested in Jonathan Randall's character, we've got the book: Guiding Light: Jonathan's Story.

Check out Guiding Light online too:
CBS' link to watching the show and other GL features
a neat interactive website dedicated to all things Guiding Light

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