Monday, June 29, 2009

Writers of Short Sentences

Do you remember a time when being the art director of an advertising agency was akin to being a rock star? Me either. However, like rock stars, advertisers have a huge influence over our lives (for a time anyway). Advertising, or its byproducts, are just as much a part of popular culture as are hit television series, clothing styles, and even political viewpoints. Take the time and familiarize yourself with some of the more ground-breaking slogans and images this industry has produced over the years as well as the psychology behind them. Below are some resources collected by the Austin Public Library for your benefit and use.


Adland : a global history of advertising

Advertising in society: classic and contemporary readings on advertising's role in society

Advertising, the uneasy persuasion : its dubious impact on American society

Buyways: billboards, automobiles, and the American landscape

Captains of consciousness : advertising and the social roots of the consumer culture

The conquest of cool: business culture, counterculture, and the rise of hip consumerism

Culture and the ad : exploring otherness in the world of advertising

Encyclopedia of major marketing campaigns

The king of Madison Avenue: David Ogilvy and the making of modern advertising

The mirror makers : a history of American advertising and its creators

What a character!: 20th century American advertising icons


Mad men. Season one [videorecording]

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Anonymous said...

The magazine ADBUSTERS, also available at the Faulk Central Branch of the Austin Public Library, offers an interesting spin on the advertising game.