Monday, June 01, 2009


I noticed that I needed new shoes last week. The shoes I was walking around in were looking pretty worn. As comfortable as they were to wear, they were utterly lacking in style. The eventuality of having to buy myself a new pair of shoes for work got me thinking about how I typically dress. From time to time, I am guilty of dressing far too casually. As a result, I’ve decided to introduce a consistent level of formality (again) into my daily work attire. I’ve decided to try and dress in a manner that pays respect to my chosen profession and that is more distinguished. Wish me luck. Thankfully, the Austin Public Library has collected some resources to point me in the right direction.


GQ (Gentlemen’s Quarterly)


Clothes and the man: the principles of fine men's dress
Dressing the man: mastering the art of permanent fashion
Elegant man: how to construct the ideal wardrobe
Esquire's things a man should know about style
Indispensable guide to classic men's clothing
Jocks and nerds: men's style in the twentieth century
Man about town: [the changing image of the modern male]
Maximum style: look sharp and feel confident in every situation
Men's fashion: the complete sourcebook
Men's wardrobe
Off the cuff: the essential style guide for men and the women who love them
Paisley goes with nothing: a man's guide to style
Sex and suits: the evolution of modern dress
Style and the man

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