Sunday, June 14, 2009

When in Rio...

I recently watched the film Black Orpheus. The movie itself is based on the Greek tragedy involving the star-crossed and therefore doomed lovers, Orpheus and Eurydice, and was shot in Brazil. The story unfolds during the time of Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. One of the film’s aspects that struck me as particularly comical was how the inhabitants of the city and its surrounding slums would spontaneously begin to samba for no apparent reason. There is a scene involving a packed ferry boat where work a day Brazilians are all doing the samba in unison as the vessel makes its way into port. One is given the impression that the boat runs on samba power alone and were it not for the passengers’ movements, the boat could never have left shore

All this aside, the film did get me thinking about the actual dance itself. Sure enough, a couple of quick key strokes later, I was able to locate a number of helpful resources to get me moving. I’ve listed a few below.

Brazil, Rio de Janeiro [sound recording]
Brazil, roots, samba sound recording
Brasil samba [sound recording]: best of carnival in Rio
Samba [sound recording]
Samba de carneval de Brasil sound recording

Video Instruction:
Steppin' out. Latin dancing [videorecording]

Brazilian sound : samba, bossa nova, and the popular music of Brazil
Samba : resistance in motion

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