Friday, June 12, 2009

Foreign Films at APL - cont'd

Wednesday’s blog was about Mexican new wave cinema, and today’s continues the promotion of APL’s foreign dvd collection with an Iranian film.

In Iran, women are banned from attending men’s sporting events because they might hear the men swear. An Iranian film director, Jafar Panahi, was inspired by the real-life instance of his daughter’s exclusion from a soccer stadium to make Offside , a smart, enjoyable comedy which follows a number of young women as they attempt to gain entry to an Iran v Bahrain international qualifier for the 2006 World Cup. Several girls disguise themselves as boys in the hope they can sneak into the stadium. As the women are found out, they’re captured by guards their own age and rounded up in a remote holding area until the game is finished. Offisde was listed by many movie critics as a top film of 2007.

To find more Iranian films in our collection, use the varied search strategies listed below. To look for other foreign films, use the same strategy, just substitute the country’s name for Iran. Unfortunately, the subject terms assigned to foreign films will vary, so no one method will find all the titles in the collection, so try them all.

3 Methods

Type foreign films and iran and select subject from the drop-down menu.

Type feature films and iran and select subject from the drop down menu.

Type iran and drama and select subject from the drop down menu.

Then choose Videorecording on DVD (or VHS) from the material format drop-down menu.
Click the Search button.

For more cataloging search tips, please see the Catalog FAQs.

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Anonymous said...

I checked out "Offside" and am looking forward to watching it this weekend.