Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Texas architecture ain't bad

The ever-prevalent view of Texas is that vast land of cattle, cactus, and cowboys. Texas is better known for its wide open spaces than its grand architecture. Sure, barbed-wire pastures and faded corrals still play a role in the Texas landscape, but so too do domes, stained glass, and gargoyles. We are blessed with an assortment of fine architecture throughout the state. Those cowboys out on the range had to go inside sometime, somewhere.

The courthouses, churches, and city halls do not rival the great masterpieces of world architecture, but they remain impressive and are uniquely Texan. They’re ours and they’re all over the state. The Austin Public Library offers several noteworthy books about Texas architecture. Check one out and enjoy the pictures, or pack one along on your next trip.

The Courthouses of Texas

Nineteenth Century Churches of Texas

Great Houses of Texas

Texas Towns and the Art of Architecture

The Art and Architecture of the Texas Missions

Early Texas Architecture

Architecture in Texas, 1895-1945

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