Monday, July 28, 2008


Many recent blockbuster movies have been based on comic book super heroes. This is no coincidence. Hollywood has simply begun paying attention to a long ignored yet very influential demographic concerning popular culture. For the past few days the world’s largest concentration of comic book connoisseurs and devotees have been gathering in San Diego, California in celebration of one of this country’s most original and enduring facets of popular culture. The Austin Public Library has several titles readily available for the uninitiated. I’ve listed a small sampling of titles below.

Comic-Con Conference 2008

Austin Public Library Graphic Novels:

Batman : the Dark Knight returns

Batman. The Dark Knight strikes again

WWH - World War Hulk

The invincible Iron Man. Vol.2, Execute program

Superman, the man of steel. Vol. 3

Ultimate Spider-man, [Vol. 15], Silver Sable

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