Wednesday, July 09, 2008

61 years ago a flying saucer crashed in the desert…

Now, that’s only true if you believe it to be true. The US military says that it was a top secret research balloon. The story goes, that in the summer of 1947 a ranch hand came across some debris consisting of rubber, tinfoil, paper and sticks in the desert and told the local sheriff. The sheriff called the army base and they came out, swooped up the evidence and told the public that it was a weather research balloon. The story went away quietly, no one even put a second thought to it again until 30 years later when ufologist Stanton Friedman interviewed Major Jesse Marcel. Marcel was involved in the “clean up” thirty years prior and he believed it was actually a UFO covered up by the military. Do the research, read the interviews and articles, what do you think it was?

Here’s some nonfiction books to get you started:

Roswell Incident


Sci Fi Declassified: the Roswell Dig Diaries

What really happened in Roswell?

Roswell: Inconvienient Facts and the will to believe

Little grey men

And if you're not in the mood for nonfiction, try this novel:

Operation Roswell

Check the databases for articles and photographs: For instance, American Decades Primary Sources has a great picture and article and you can even find a few articles in the Military & Government Collection.

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