Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fairytale Wedding

Twenty seven years ago, on July 29th, Prince Charles of Wales married Diana Spencer. The wedding was followed on television by 700 million people from 58 different countries around the world. A crowd of 6,000 flooded the streets of London to see the prince and future princess on their way to St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Prince Charles was wearing the full uniform of a naval commander but it was Diana’s wedding dress that people remember the most: an ivory silk dress, with a 25 foot-long train. The church, the decoration and glass coaches, everything resembled those weddings we all imagine when we were children where the fairytale ended: “… and they lived happily ever after!”

As we all know, things went differently after the wedding, but because of that, they were not less popular in United Kingdom or around the world. Charles and Diana’s relationship put the Royal family in the news and thousands of people read everything about them avidly. If you are still interested in the biography of these two famous members of the Royal family, here are some titles you might enjoy:

Charles and Diana's tour of North America

Invitation to a royal wedding

The housekeeper's diary: Charles and Diana before the breakup

The Prince of Wales : a biography

Diana Chronicles

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