Friday, November 11, 2011

Fascination with Steve Jobs

I have watched all the interviews, read all the articles, and listened to most of the NPR reports on Steve Jobs. Why I am I so fascinated by him? Partly, it's trying to figure out how he became such a genius, a master at putting together ideas, art and technology. It's also seeing in him the usual human foibles, one example is the one I am experiencing, fascination with celebrities. I read that Jobs had a relationship with Joan Baez because she had been romantically involved with Bob Dylan, and Steve was a huge fan of Dylan's. His quest for perfection contributed to his success, but that is another human trait that can often wreak havoc.

But I am not yet ready to read the biography. There is something unsettling about reading intimate details of this immensely private man so soon after his death, especially about his last few months of illness. Friends who have read the book say it does not disappoint. It presents a man who has so many contradictions that your jaw drops, his charm and aggression, his eating disorders, his lack of hygiene, his abandonment of his first child just as he was placed for adoption. The library has lots of copies, but you will need to place a hold. Our new downloadable service doesn't have it yet, but you can download I, Steve, a 160-page collection of quotations by him.

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tim snead said...

There's a good article about Jobs in this week's New Yorker.