Friday, November 26, 2010

I Thought You Would Be Funnier

Cartoonist Shannon Wheeler finally has gotten his cartoons in the New Yorker, after years of penning the misadventures of not-quite-superhero Too Much Coffee Man, one of the oddest, funniest and occasionally heartbreaking alternative comic strips. He moved to in Austin from California in 1991, hanging out at the Daily Texan offices with a backpack until they thought he was a student and ran his cartoons.

Now living in Portland, Oregon, he has been submitting cartoons to The New Yorker magazine for some time now, and he has learned that the prestigious periodical is very particular about what it publishes.

In an interview, Wheeler said that the New Yorker wants you to submit ten cartoons a week to show that you’ve got the stamina to be a solid cartoonist. Wheeler began collecting the rejected cartoons and posting some on his Facebook account, to positive reviews. After choosing his favorites from his library, he created
I Thought You Would Be Funnier.


shannon said...

They did end up buying a few cartoons from me last year.


La Princesse de Clèves said...

Writing a funny punch line is a lot harder than we may think - I never can come up with one for the New Yorker's Cartoon Caper Contest at the back of the magazine -

andy frowler said...

If you try it is easy and try to come back