Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Radical Holiday Idea

I long for the days when, post celebration dinner people would sit down and play whist, like they did at the balls that Jane Austen wrote about. People would dance, eat, then settle in for long games of skill played over Chippendale tables while they eyed each other's d├ęcolletage and gossiped about who had danced with whom.

Yes I know, I watch too much Masterpiece Theatre, and I don't know how to play whist, but this Thanksgiving (and Christmas and New Year's Day) wouldn't it be nice to turn off the football (ok... record the football and watch it later) and play a game yourself, dagnabbit?

Here is a list of the games I have in my cupboard at home:

Favorite table game, anybody?


Anonymous said...

Chinese checkers-totally un-PC name, but it's what I've always it known it to be.

tim snead said...

I've played Chinese Checkers a couple of times, but not in years. In high school we used to play canasta all night.

Aleph said...

Cribbage!! The best game ever!!! We should have a Cribbage night here at the library!