Monday, November 29, 2010

Ebooks and Ejournals at APL

Austin Public Library has not yet purchased a service that provides downloadable audiobooks or e-books. We plan to offer downloadables in 2011; we are still investigating options and then we will need to get the licenses in place.

Downloadable audiobooks can be used on many devices including iPods, iPhones, and iPads, and other smartphones.

Downloadable ebooks are more problematic for libraries; for example, Amazon's Kindle operates with a proprietary file format, so any subscription we choose for ebooks would not be compatible with Kindle. The B&N Nook is compatible with a subscription service used by libraries. Other ebook readers are completely compatible, like the Sony reader.

Currently. we do have full-text ejournals and nonfiction ebooks that you can read online. You can listen to animated children's books, read your favorite magazine or newspaper, read reference eBooks on medicine, art, history, religion, or take practice certification or school entrance exams.


Shannon Moore said...

I just read that Google is getting into the e-books business, and going to offer profit-sharing with independent bookstores.

"Instead of purchasing books through a single online store, Google will let users buy them either from Google or from independent bookstores and then tie them to a Google account, which will enable them to read the books anywhere and on any device they please."

MrsB said...

I would be thrilled if APL would start offering the availabilies of ebooks. One of the main reasons I have held off getting and ebook reader is because I want to utilize my public library. I understand there are some complications in all books compatible with each ebook reader, but I sure will appreciate it when it's all sorted out. Thanks for working on this!

Alex said...

APL getting eBooks would be fantastic! I have a B&N Nook that I use for reading all the time.

venkat said...

I think some system like Overdrive(which allows checkout of ebook for preset period) would be great for APL; would be even better if system allowed for early return of ebooks.

Sean said...

A couple weeks ago Kindle announced it will partner with Overdrive.