Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Jim Marshall - Portrait Photographer

Even if you have never heard of legendary rock photographer Jim Marshall - you have seen his photographs. - Jimi Hendrix setting his guitar on fire on stage at Monterey, Johnny Cash on the Folsom Prison stage, and Miles Davis boxing at Newman's Gym. He died this past March. His obituary in the New York Times explained that in 1960 Mr. Marshall had a chance encounter with John Coltrane who asked him for directions. Marshall replied that he would take him to his destination if Coltrane would let him take his picture. So began a career of photographing rock and jazz musicians in their own environment, not in a studio.

APL has two collections of Marshall's photographs:

Jim Marshall: Jazz

Not Fade Away: the Rock & Roll Photography of Jim Marshall

Amazon had 3 other books by Jim Marshall that the Library doesn't own, so I clicked on "Suggest a Title" on the Findit toolbar and suggested that we purchase 3 more of his collections.

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