Wednesday, May 05, 2010

My favorite artist made buildings.

My favorite artists are architects. I like art that you can walk through. I like art that provides an imprint on the landscape. I prefer to spend a day walking through a city than a day inside a museum.

My absolute favorite architect is Antoni Gaudi. The Catalan dynamo unabashadly crafted intricate buildings and plazas dripping with reflections of nature, God, and humanity. Each of his works contains a beautiful interplay of stone, tile, iron, and color. His creations did not have straight lines nor did they configure to the rapidly mechanizing world of the early twentieth century. A patron concerned with the lack of straight lines in her Gaudi-built home once asked him where in the house she would be able to place her dog kennel. Gaudi recommended she purchase a snake.

The best art mesmerizes us. Gaudi's work makes me smile.

While I can't offer a getaway to Barcelona, I can recommend some excellent Gaudi resources available at the Austin Public Library.

Antoni Gaudi, 1852-1926: from Nature to Architecture


Gaudi: the Man and His Work

The Designs and Drawings of Antoni Gaudi

Catalonia: a Cultural History
provides context for the era and culture in which Gaudi lived, along with an interesting chapter about Gaudi and an exploration of modern Catalonia

Modernismo: Architecture and Design in Catalonia
a big beautiful book about Gaudi and his contemporaries

John Ruskin's On Art and Life
a little book advocating for the architectural approach that Gaudi lived by


Jessica Champion said...

great post!

Jessica said...

I'd also recommend Barcelona by Robert Hughes, which devotes an entire section to Gaudi.