Monday, August 17, 2009

Les Paul, a True Legend

Les Paul, born Lester Polsfuss, died last Thursday, August 13, at the age of 94. If you do not recognize his name, shame on you. Mr. Paul is the inventor of the famous Gibson guitar named after him and the "sound-on-sound" technology so many musicians and bands use today. Every time you turn on the radio, you hear Paul's influences, be it in country, jazz or rock and roll. Check out our copy of PBS' American Masters episode on Les Paul, Chasing Sound for a wonderful interview and clips of his life. You can also look at the PBS website for more. Mr. Paul was so full of life even until the end, he played in New York City clubs weekly.

Les Paul was an honorary board member of the organization, Little Kids Rock. This organization makes sure underprivileged kids get music instruments and instruction when they wouldn't otherwise. This participation shows that Mr. Paul was a giver; he wanted to extend his innovations and talent to the world and was successful every time. Musicians around the world are influenced by him and will continue to be long after today. Even though he has many honors and has won many awards, it all boils down to the fact that he touched everyone from those learning how to play guitar at a wee young age to those who are listening to the masters play it for the first time.

Thanks Mr. Paul. We appreciate you, your vision and what you've done for us.

For a little more info on Mr. Paul, check out the Biography Resource Center database. Search our FindIt catalog as well.

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