Monday, May 25, 2009

Summer Lovin'

As a kid, Memorial Day weekend always meant the beginning of the greatest season on earth, SUMMER! I knew that school was coming to an end and I could spend the summer in shorts and flip flops. I could go to the library and check out books that I would actually enjoy reading. I could go swimming every day. I could explore my neighborhood and play with the kids on my street until after dark. I love summertime and as a Mom, I intend on passing that love on to my kid. Austin is chock full of wonderful things to do and see. I've put together a little list of links and things to look at for your summer pleasure. Enjoy!

The 2009 guide to free summer movies in Austin, enjoy watching movies? Check out this blog with a pretty comprehensive list of neat places to check out some good flicks this summer.

The Austin Family Fun Guide, a GREAT collection of free or inexpensive activities to enjoy this summer, or anytime of the year.

99 Things to do with your little one in Austin before Kindergarten, nice list for those of us with little-bitty ones!

Free fun every day of the week in Austin, a short list of things you can do in town on certain days.

200+ ideas for summertime fun, ideas from kids and their Moms for those “I’m bored” moments.

15 quick activities to keep kids busy, a Mommy blog with some great ideas on how to keep the kids busy.

Austin Kidbits Blog on Play, things to do in town with the kids, some things cost money, but sound fun!

I Buy Local Austin, support your local businesses, links to places all over town.

City of Austin's Park department, Good ole City of Austin’s park department webpage. Packed with tons of things the kids (and adults!) will enjoy this summer! Click on “Summer Fun” for specially planned activities for the family.

Check out the Austin Museum of Art for FREE this summer. Just show your Austin Public Library card and you can check out the museum for free, June through August. Check out their other family-friendly events as well.

Do you have 20 bottle caps, plastic lids or two yards of fabric? Strange question, right? Well if you do, bring them to the Austin Children’s Museum for a free pass! (this offer ends on May 31st) Then find out how all those caps and fabric will be used.

And, of course, don't forget the Library! This summer's reading program is called "One Green World". Join in this summer and read some great books. Come to a storytime, a gaming tournament, or check out the crafting sessions. Whatever you enjoy, the Library has it!

Some fun books:
Day trips: Texas tours, maps & photos from the column of the same name in the Austin Chronicle

Day trips from Austin: getaway ideas for the local traveler

The Family Manager's Guide to Summer Survival

Pocket Guide to Games

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