Monday, May 11, 2009

Postal Service

In honor of the stamp rate increase, today's post is about our beloved postal system. A lot of people gripe about the increase in cost of postage stamps (up from 42 to 44 cents), but few know why. From what it looks like, the stamp price increase has followed inflation the last few years. That, added to rising fuel costs, production costs, businesses not using the USPS for their advertising, online bill pay systems and the tanking economy, all has contributed to the 2 cent rise. Read the many articles about the rate increase on one of my favorite Library databases, Pressdisplay.

In the meantime, read about the postal services and other postal related things.

Famous Postal Workers - did you know Charles Bukowski, Walt Disney, Sherman Hemsley, Rock Hudson, and Knute Rockne all worked in the post office?

Introduction of self-adhesive stamps in 1989 - have you ever licked a postage stamp, it's been a while.

Learn more about stamps at the Smithsonian Museum - a beautiful little museum in Washington, DC.

Thumb through the latest edition of the Postage Stamp Catalogue at the Library.

Are you a stamp collector? How about checking out a buyer's guide?

Interested in a Post Office job?

Here's a nice book on the Texas Post Office Murals.

And one for the kids, The Post Office Book.

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