Monday, May 18, 2009

Intensified Rude Boy

It’s beginning to get warmer here in Austin. Having grown up never being more than 15 minutes from the nearest beach, my mood shifts to more of a tropical state of mind as winter comes to an end. It’s hard to reconcile my music inclinations with living in Central Texas. I feel so completely odd, more so than usual, driving around town listening to one of my favorite Jamaican musicians, Desmond Dekker, in the land of twang. But that doesn’t stop me from thoroughly enjoying one of Jamaica’s greatest musical talents. Listen for yourself. The Austin Public Library has a good selection of Desmond Dekker’s music readily available for checkout.

You can get it if you really want [sound recording]: the definitive collection

The harder they come [sound recording]: original soundtrack recording

This is reggae music [sound recording]: the golden era, 1960-1975

The King Kong compilation: the historic reggae recordings 1968-1970 sound recording

Rebel music. Volume 2 [sound recording]: a reggae anthology

Caribbean playground [sound recording]

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