Wednesday, January 21, 2009

We Can Save You Money

If you keep any eye on the news, you have probably seen or read about the upsurge in public library use that has coincided with the economic downturn (for example, listen to this excellent segment from the Diane Rehm show [scroll down to 11:00]). Many people turn to their local public library during times of economic crisis to check out books; save on entertainment costs; use computers to access the internet and type up resumes; take free computer classes on subjects like Microsoft Word or Excel; and/or get free assistance from trained librarians on questions regarding anything from foreclosures to job searches to health issues.

Checking books out from the library may not only save you the cost of a book, but could also save you money on home improvement, food, and/or clothing costs. We have books that will give you home improvement ideas complete with step-by-step instructions, books that will get you started growing your own produce, books to help you learn to sew and make your own patterns, and much more. On top of that, we have tons of DVDs and music CDs to take a bite out of that almost $2500 a year the typical American family spends on entertainment costs (see "Consumer Expenditures in 2006").

If you are one of the many people whom do not own a computer or do not have internet access, come to the library and use our computers or bring your laptop in for wireless internet access. If you’re still new to computers or certain computer programs, check out our free computer classes and contact us to sign up. Additionally, we offer a service for an hour a week in which one of our trained, talented librarians will sit in the computer lab and help answer computer questions ranging from how to copy and paste to where to go online to look for jobs.

However, the computer lab isn’t the only place you can take your questions. Professional librarians are on staff at the Faulk Central Library during our open hours. We can help you find information on virtually any topic you can think of and there are many topics we have already created in-depth guides for that can be found here.


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