Friday, January 16, 2009

Taste of Sweet

At my house, we are still trying to recover from holiday sugar coma. We overindulged in the delectable pies, cakes, and cookies that tempted us at every holiday party and family gathering. Now that it’s over, we feel guilty and wonder where it all went so wrong. So, when I ran across the book The Taste of Sweet: Our Complicated Love Affair with Our Favorite Treats, I had to check it out.

In the book, author Joanne Chen examines the science, history, and mythology of our sense of sweet. For instance, do you remember being taught that we taste sweet at the front of the tongue, bitter at the back, and so on? Not so. We can taste all flavors all over the tongue, according to psychologist Linda Bartoshuk (p. 22). Chapters are based on questions the author came up with while pondering her own love of sweets. It’s a fun read, especially if you enjoy it with a latte and a few cookies.

The library has books on the other senses as well:

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