Monday, April 28, 2008

Laissez Fairytale?

I no longer think of the United States and World economies as abstractly as I once did. Although I’ve been thinking about these two inseparable organisms for quite a while, the current alarmingly high price of gasoline, food, and energy coupled with the sub-prime mortgage debacle has made the consequences of disastrous economic policies and practices as bracing to me as a cold shower. The Austin Public Library has a number of resources available that help to explain the prevailing economic theory at play as well as stinging criticism of it.


The Chicago School : how the University of Chicago assembled the thinkers who revolutionized economics and business

Milton Friedman : a biography

Free to choose : a personal statement

The age of turbulence : adventures in a new world

Bubble man : Alan Greenspan & the missing 7 trillion dollars

Greenspan's fraud : how two decades of his policies have undermined the global economy

The squandering of America : how the failure of our politics undermines our prosperity

NPR: Fresh Air Interview

Our Confusing Economy, Explained

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