Friday, March 28, 2008

Bibliophiles Unite!

Social networking sites are rampant these days, not only for meeting people but for finding and discussing books as well. The following sites allow you to create online catalogs of books you own, have read, or want to read. Then you can view your books in a list or on a virtual shelf, share them with friends, or add them to blogs. There are also book ratings, recommendations, discussions, and online book clubs. Each site has its pros and cons, so check them all out to see which features appeal to you:
  • LibraryThing – user-friendly cataloging and sharing; free up to 200 books, then small fee

  • Shelfari – a bit slicker than LibraryThing, but no option to edit cataloging details

  • GoodReads – more social networking features, less cataloging

  • Revish – focuses on quality reviews of books rather than cataloging

  • Listal – share lists of favorite books, movies, music, and games

Once you've found books you want to read, save some money and check them out from the library. If the titles you want are checked out, place a hold and you'll be notified when a book is ready to pick up. Start here by adding the following titles about reading to your list!

1 comment:

April Boland said...

I use Shelfari and GoodReads and am fairly addicted to them. They are great for getting recommendations from friends and for keeping track of what I've read.