Monday, October 17, 2011

Horror… in Other Lands

I know this is a busy month for you, trying to come up with the perfect Halloween costume,  planning the best Halloween party, or carving the most amazing  jack-o-lantern.  Oh yes, this is a month with lots of fun things to do!! But if you have the time, and want to get in the Halloween mood , why not pause for an hour or two and watch a scary movie? 

I suggested in previous years some horror B-movies but this time I am inviting you to watch foreign horror films. It is fascinating to think about cultural differences when it comes to horror pictures. Have you ever thought that what makes you jump in your seat might not work in other cultures and vice versa?  A good example is  the film  “Blair Witch Project” .  It was designed to push the buttons of the American audience, but when it was shown in my country, people literally stood in the middle of the movie theatre and threw their shoes at the screen as a sign of disapproval.  They were so disappointed; it was not scary for them at all.  

But, enough talk!! Below are my foreign horror movie suggestions.   Be aware that some films are new and some are old.  Check them out and don’t be afraid of subtitles!

The orphanage (Spain)
Kilómetro 31 (Mexico)
Ring (Japan)
The ordeal (Belgium)
Benny’s Video (Germany)  
Day Watch (Russia)  
Suspiria (Italy)
Nosferatu  (Germany)
House (Japan)
Santa Sangre (Mexico)


Evelyn Carnahan said...

Hey! I've seen most of those and they all scared me! :) Thanks for the list. Happy Halloween!

Aleph said...

Which ones haven't you seen?

ACLS Reference said...

All but: Let the right one in (my fav), The orphanage, Ring (bits of it), Nosferatu, and House (bits)...okay, okay, I've seen some of them, not most! :)