Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Doorstops or Masterpieces?

A long novel must be very captivating for you to stick with it until the thousandth page. Books that long describe more than just an event or a life, there is enough language to describe existence. Everyone uses War and Peace or Atlas Shrugged as an example of a really long book, but long novels are still being written. Below are titles published in the last few years that rival those two classics in length. And watch for Parallel Stories by Peter Nadas, clocking in at 1152 pages, which will be published in November. When you check one of the books out of the library you may keep it for 9 weeks by renewing it twice if no other customer has placed a hold.

The Instructions by Adam Levin (1030 pages)
Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace (1079 pp)
The Kindly Ones by Jonathan Little (992 pp)
A Moment in the Sun : a Novel by John Sayles (955 pp)
Reamde (1056 pp)
Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth (1349 pp)
2666 by Roberto Bolano (898 pp)
Under the Dome by Stephen King (1088 pp)

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