Monday, September 12, 2011

Happy Belated Labor Day

For those of you still laboring, and those who wish you were, and those who’ve quit looking, books and movies about labor unions, which are still legal as I write:

Cesar Chavez and the United Farm Workers Movement
The forgotten workers of the fields -- The education of Cesar Chavez -- The community organizers -- Creating a union for farm workers -- The Delano grape strike and the great march to Sacramento

Dark Harbor: The War for the New York Waterfront
Case studies of New York stevedores and organized crime.

There is Power in a Union
The epic story of labor in America, beginning with the Pullman train strike.

Taylor Chain: A Decade of Union Democracy and Collective Bargaining
A movie about a strike in a small factory in Indiana and how both the workers and management want things to get better.

Why Unions Matter
Engaging examples of unions improving democracy.

State of the Unions
How labor can strengthen the middle class, improve our economy, and regain political influence.

Femininity in Flight: A History of Flight Attendants
A 2007 book about unions and stewardesses that should circulate more frequently after that new TV show, Pan Am, starts airing this fall.

Mobsters, Unions, and Feds
The title says it all: labor racketeering in New York City, and organized labor's response to organized crime.

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