Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Grilling! Thrilling!

When I look at a calendar, the Midwesterner in me knows that we’re still months away from summer. But then I think about the temperature and the over-sized sunglasses I just bought and I realize that I’m, ahem, “not in Kansas anymore.” Happily, we’re still in that sweet spot before the brutality of summer’s heat and mosquitoes becomes too much to handle. This can mean many things. But one thing's for certain: It’s time to grill.

Here are a few promising cookbooks from our collection to help you on your grilling adventures!

If you’re trying to enjoy grilling weather while simultaneously preparing for swimsuit season, you might be interested in

And if you’re more interested in road trips than grilling you might consider checking out

There are many, many grilling cookbooks in our collection which you can find my searching the subject field for “barbecuing”. You’ll be well on your way to an enjoyable activity followed by a delicious outcome.

For other summertime suggestions you can revisit liblairian’s post Summer is Here.

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