Friday, April 15, 2011

Frederick Wiseman

Since the time Frederick Wiseman produced the Cool World, his first work in 1967, the world of documentaries has not been the same. His style of documenting a story is what makes his movies unique works of art.

His documentaries do not have a narrator, nor interviews, nor voice-overs, nor fancy graphics guiding the viewer through the story. His goal has been to make films that portray the reality of what he sees in a very naturalistic way, being always fair to the story he is witnessing. His movies will give you the feeling that you are there, looking at what’s happening through a hole in the wall, or that you are observing all these events from a chair in the corner of a room.

Because of the absence of narration, his documentaries require more attention from viewers, but believe me, it is all worth it.

What about the subjects?? Well, his documentaries talk about health, legislation, arts, and anything in between. Austin Public Library has all of his works available for you to check out and enjoy. Go to our catalog, type his name and you will find his DVDs, or simply Ask a Librarian!!

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