Friday, June 11, 2010


The very popular Outliers by Malcom Gladwell focuses on what makes some people become succesful, and one factor is how hard you parctice or work to develop your talent. A new art book at the Library illustrates this drive to create something perfect with one's talent. Exactitude, Hyperrealist Art Today is an imaginative and original book which presents a selection of contemporary artists, most of whom are represented by Plus One Gallery , working in a figurative, hyperrealist style. In the foreward, Clive Head, one of the artists, says:

"The paintings are made with remarkable care. To invest such care into the paining of an object. figure or landscape, is indicative of a compulsion to serve an ideal...We have moved on from mere picture making to a quest to reveal how the world should be through the meticulous rendering of a subject, irrespective of how arduous a task may be.

Talent is always rare and the conviction and dedication to nuture that talent will always make masterful works of art a very infrequent occurrence."

The works range from still lifes and extreme close-ups to large scale cityscapes and landscape paintings. All the work celebrates the meticulous fashion of photorealism. But in these paintings photorealism has moved from the slum and garbage dump - it can now be beautiful. The hyperealist art movement has moved one step from photorealism since the artist attempts to reinterpret or modify the photograph to create a false reality, an enhanced illusion, using brighter colors. Some artists digitize dozens of photographic images for each picture, composing, collaging, warping, and colourizing on the computer before returning to the canvas and paint. Some artists use photography alongside sketching and observation, to know the subject and to analyze it. But the result is the same - the paintings are breathtaking, and there are over 500 color images in the book.

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