Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Covered with Romance

I have to admit that romance is not my favorite genre. Not knowing what is at the end of the books I read is one of the things that interest me and this is not the case when we talk about romance. A book classified under this category HAS to have a happy ending; otherwise it would be considered general fiction. Something I consistently enjoy, though, is the cover art of romance books.

Longing, passion, doubt, desire, vulnerability are some of the feelings expressed to the max in these book covers. Women are usually conceived of as fragile and vulnerable while protected or seduced by a strong Alpha male. This is, I think, quite interesting since in a way it contrasts with the how women, men and relationships are conceived nowadays.

Because of the characteristics of these particular designs, the art of romance books covers is one of a kind. Most artists go through a similar creative process: they find a passage of the book they will illustrate to get inspired, then decide a time in history they will use to settle the mood of the picture and the corresponding outfits for the models depending on the historical moment, find models, a photographer, and after taking tons of pictures they can start recreating the scene that you see on the cover of your favorites romance novels.

So, next time you hold a romance novel in your hands, take your time and enjoy its cover. You might find it a little exaggerated, or you might end up identifying with the heroine or the valiant knight.  Who knows!?

Some new romance novels the library has available for you are:

Image by artist Jon Paul published with his permission

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