Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I want to take a “National Geographic” picture!

Well, who doesn’t??? National Geographic magazine has been the inspiration of lots of photographers that grew up reading its wonderful articles but mostly admiring the quality pictures.

This is the official magazine of the National Geographic Society and its first issue was published in 1888. Now it is translated into 32 languages and has a huge circulation worldwide.

This was the first magazine using color pictures in a time when this kind of technology wasn’t common.  National Geographic, for example, was the first one publishing the first natural color underwater picture in 1926. In 1959 color pictures started to be printed in the cover of this magazine, and in 1984, National Geographic was the first magazine with a holographic image in on its cover.  This is a publication that has impacted deeply the way photojournalism developed over time.

“All the world is watching how the rest of the world lives” said the journalist Maynard Owen. National Geographic has become one of the most reliable windows to the world at our fingertips. Austin Public library subscribes to National Geographic magazine but if you are curious and you want to see an old edition of this periodical you can find bound issues starting in 1913 at the Faulk Central Library. If you want to see some National Geographic photos online, just click here and enjoy!!

*Picture by Mike Yamashita, National Geographic photographer

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