Friday, January 08, 2010

New Year's Resolution - Read the New Yorker

The January 4 New Yorker had three articles that directly related to me as an Austinite, and another one that was about the world's most popular artist, Van Gogh. You can read articles in the New Yorker online using the Library's databases, or read selected articles at the New Yorker website. You can also read the magazine at Faulk Central, which has a print subscription. You might have read about these topics elsewhere, but the New Yorker is known for its exacting standards for journalism, and the articles are a delight to read.

Articles I read in the January 4 issue:

Protest Studies - Students and faculty at the University of Caliornia at Berkely are angry at Mark Yudof, the school's president, who once was UT's president.

School of Rock - Vampire Weekend, which played at ACL in 2008, is a group of upper-middle-class boys channelling Third World musical traditions.

Food Fighter - Story of Whole foods and its founder John Mackey, who does not eat a lot of what Whole Foods sells.

Van Gogh's Ear - Maybe he really didn't cut it off.

To read New Yorker articles using the Library's databases:

-Go to the Austin Public Library homepage.
-Select Research Tools from the menu on the left hand side.
-Select ejournal finder; you will need to enter your Library card number.
-Enter new yorker in the search box, click search
-Select Literary Resources from Gale.
-You will see the articles in chronological order.
-Or search Factiva, which has the full-text of all the articles.

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