Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Townes Van Zandt

Texas has its fair share of troubadours and you know you’ve reached the Pantheon of Texas troubadours when you’re known by a single name. Willie. Waylon. Townes. None means troubadour more to me than Townes Van Zandt. The writer of Pancho and Lefty remained relatively unknown throughout his life, struggling with addictions and depression. Townes’ notoriety has grown significantly since his 1997 death. The humble singer went way too soon.

Earlier this year Steve Earle released a tribute album, called Townes, consisting of covers of his favorite Van Zandt songs. A few years back a beautiful documentary called Be Here to Love Me was released.

Townes Van Zandt Albums

Flyin’ Shoes

Live at the Old Quarter, Houston, Texas

Texas Rain

The Highway Kind

Last Rights

Steve Earle’s Townes is on order and should be at the Austin Public Library soon.

Documentary film

Be Here to Love Me


A Deeper Blue: the Life and Music of Townes Van Zandt

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La Princesse de Clèves said...

"Fraternity Blues" shows Townes' sense of humor (Live at the Old Quarter) - "I decided to improve my social situation, so I joined a fraternal organization" (twice at two different schools) where he learned "to bubble" all over some fraternity brothers' dates.