Monday, July 27, 2009

300 Ways to Get Ahead in a Recession

I recently came across a book we have in our collection entitled, 300 Ways to Make Extra Money: Everyone’s Guide to Spare Time Income. What I like most about it is its utter simplicity and practicality. There is no need for exhaustive market research, no need in coming up with a time-consuming business plan, attending seminars, or even securing a knees-buckling sum of start-up capital. These are all ideas you can execute with little or no funding - right away. Each job listing has a brief explanation as to what to expect and how to get started written in the same no nonsense prose that characterizes the overall sentiment of the publication. Although this item was originally published in 1974, many of the suggestions remain relevant today. Below are some of the possibilities the author offers up.

Translating – If you live in a fairly good-sized city and are fluent in a foreign language, then you may have a ready-made spare time business on the tip of your tongue.

Bookkeeping Service – Possibly you may have some past accounting or bookkeeping experience to your credit. If so, here is a chance to cash in by offering your service to small retailers and businessmen who cannot afford the services of a full time bookkeeper.

Display Your Talents – Many store owners are confronted constantly with the problem of requiring a distinctive, yet sales producing window display. Time and time again, they find themselves in a sort of rut when it comes to originality and creativity.

Window Cleaning – …window washing on a contract basis with stores and offices can provide an excellent part or full-time income.

Operate a Fix-It Service – An investment of next to nothing in the way of money can get any handyman with basic tools started in this part time business.

Maid Service – In this plan, you act as an “agent” for women who are anxious to go out and do household cleaning chores.

Landscaping – This is a business that can be started with less than $200 (adjust for inflation) worth of basic equipment and can provide an excellent source of income for any person with a “green thumb.”

Paint Houses – To succeed in this plan, offer good, neat workmanship and honest prices. It will pay off a hundredfold in repeat business.

Moving Service – The real prerequisites for success in this service are a willingness to work hard and to be strong since a lot of heavy lifting is in order.

Dog Grooming – Offer to groom dogs, such as poodles. Pet owners pay handsomely for such a service and, if you are good, they will be back. Also sell pet supplies for added revenue.

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