Friday, April 24, 2009

Standardized Testing Woes

Standardized tests were always my downfall as a student. In fact, the thought of Scantrons and #2 pencils still gives me a headache. If you’re facing one of these nightmare tests, then you’ve probably had to pay some exorbitant registration fee already. Save money now by checking out study materials from the library. The Faulk Central Library just received a large selection of exam preparation books including GED, SAT, GRE, and GMAT. We also have certification exam materials for firefighters, nurses, CPAs, and many others. To locate them in the catalog, use the Advanced Search screen and type the name of the test in the search box. Choose title from the drop-down menu. To limit your results, scroll down and type 2009 in the "publication year" box.

These days many tests are computer based, which can heighten the anxiety level for those not comfortable with computers. Many of the library’s test prep books contain CDs with practice tests so you can become acquainted with the test formats and procedures. If you don’t have time to come to the library, visit the
library’s web site to access The database's Learning Centers provide opportunities to practice for academic, licensing, certification, and aptitude tests. The Student Learning Center offers basic math, reading, and writing skills for all ages and abilities. You can also find lessons in job searching, resume writing, and interviewing as well as preparation for the U.S. Citizenship test. You must create a LearningExpress account to access the tests, but this will allow you to track your progress over time and analyze your strengths and weaknesses. Finally, the library also provides access to the LearningExpress ebooks, so you can view a test prep book online when it’s convenient for you. Start studying for free now!

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