Monday, March 23, 2009

James Sallis, Noir Mystery Writer

James Sallis is a crime fiction writer who many mystery fans have never heard of. It's been said that he can convey as much information in one sentence as most authors convey in a paragraph. James Sallis's books include ten novels, multiple collections of short stories, poems and essays, three volumes of musicology, and a biography of Chester Himes, another mystery writer. His new mystery, Salt River, is a poignant and surprising conclusion to his John Turner trilogy. The philosophical mystery follows ex-cop, ex-con, and war veteran Turner as he goes in search of a truth he's not sure he can live with. Salt River is one of the new titles that has been added to our Good Reads' Best Recent Mysteries.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip on this writer, but when I went to look for the first book in the Turner series, I found out the APL doesn't have it, and I had to get it through ILL instead! Maybe you can talk the powers that be to purchase a copy to make the series complete, because it really is a good book.
Thanks for writing these blog entries!