Friday, October 03, 2008

James Thurber and Humor

James Thurber was quoted as saying, “I write humor the way a surgeon operates, because it is a livelihood, because I have a great urge to do it, because many interesting challenges are set up, and because I have the hope it may do some good.” A few months ago the esteemed Thurber House announced their finalists for the Thurber Prize, the nation’s highest honor to writers of humor. The prize includes $5,000 cash and a commemorative crystal plaque. The finalists are Larry Doyle for I Love You, Beth Cooper, Patricia Marx for Him, Her, Him Again, the End of Him, and Simon Rich for Ant Farm. The winner will be announced this Monday, October 6th, keep an eye on the Thurber House website. I'm sure Thurber would consider the winner as a writer who has great urgency, meets today's interesting challenges, and certainly does good.

James Thurber, born in Colombus, Ohio in 1894, is known for his writings and drawings. His familiar cartoons were a large part of the New Yorker magazine. My Life and Hard Times, Thurber’s autobiography is considered his greatest work. Check out the Biography Resource Center database for a lot more on Thurber. Take a look at the book
Cartoon America : comic art in the Library of Congress for an insight to Thurber's cartoons. Finally, check out our Good Reads page for more humorous writing!

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